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The World's Most Advanced Next Generation Phishing Simulator and Education Solution
When employees become victims of cyber criminals, your organization pays the ultimate price. While filters, firewalls, anti-virus, and malware prevention solutions can help, the reality is that each day thousands of malicious emails are received by unsuspecting employees all over the world. In the worst cases, these employees fall victim to the included attacks.

Phishing is the most common term used to represent email attacks, but that name can often be misleading and downplay the enormous risk that comes from these types of emails. Today, criminals use phishing attacks to not only gain login credentials and confidential information, but also to gain control over desktops and ultimately the networks of the compromised systems. Through creative new emails, unpatched applications, and a never ending supply of increasingly robust malware, the phishing attack now ranks as one of the top entry points into compromised organizations throughout the world.

For over 25 years Jim Stickley has been using these techniques to compromise organizations that range from armed government facilities to community banks and credit unions. Using this unique skill set, Stickley has designed BadPhish, the world's most advanced phishing simulator and education solution. Just sending a forged email does little to test an employee. At this point, most employees are aware of basic phishing concepts and are likely to detect these types of attacks. However, as criminals become more sophisticated, so do their emails. That's why BadPhish uses a hybrid approach to phishing simulation. Now, organizations are able to choose from a vast database of pre-defined payloads and then use simple customizations techniques to create one of a kind tests that match the most sophisticated attacks that criminals are using today. With this design, BadPhish offers an unlimited number of unique tests that an organization can perform.

Of course testing employees is only the beginning. BadPhish also provides general security training when an employee fails a phishing test. In addition, for those organizations with Employee EDU, BadPhish has been integrated, allowing for easy customized course assignment and tracking upon failure of a phishing test. Simply put, you are no longer just simulating attacks, you are actually educating your users and validating their progress. Supporting the option to purchase one time testing or purchasing yearly service, which includes unlimited continual testing, Badphish offers a solution that fits your organizations needs and with comprehensive reporting and an easy to manage cloud-based interface, it's easy to see why BadPhish has become the next generation phishing simulator and education solution.

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