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Employee EDU

Protect Your Organization Through Employee Education
Employee education is considered one of most important forms of defense against cyber criminals. Nearly every breach in the recent past can be traced back to someone falling for a social engineering tactic. Sony, Target, Home Depot, Anthem and JP Morgan are all great examples. Unfortunately keeping employees educated and aware of the most recent threats and attacks is often not possible. In many cases organizations are able to provide yearly education with sporadic security updates throughout the rest of the year; often as informal emails.

When education is not continually offered throughout the year, employees tend to forget key information they have learned. In addition, when employees are not informed about the latest types of attacks, threats and breaches, they are far more likely to become victims of similar attacks. Making security education relevant and entertaining so it has a far better chance of being followed and retained is not the easiest task to accomplish. The reality is, if education is boring or perceived to be irrelevant, people will go through the motions but not really learn the subject.

Employee EDU was designed to address these educational issues and help organizations increase their security posture. Each quarter, a new security course is provided to your staff covering important security related topics. These courses include video, written content and interactive games designed to increase interest and information retention. The goal is to cover the many different learning styles that people have to ensure the widest adoption possible. Along with the quarterly topic, employees are also brought up-to-date on the security news with our awareness content that covers the latest threats, scams and social engineering tactics. This ensures your employees are not only aware of new risks, but know how to protect themselves from falling victim.

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While education is important, without validation it is not possible to know if your staff fully understands the information they have been provided. That's why Employee EDU incorporates testing, reporting and management tools to ensure successful participation. The testing includes questions on the quarterly topic and awareness content, with each having its own reports and statistics. Additionally, organizations can add their own content and questions to any quarterly course or create a completely new course from scratch that can be used for internal policy promotion. The comprehensive reporting allows easy employee validation for both management and auditors.

Whether your organization already has an existing training program or is looking for a completely new education program, Employee EDU has been designed for you.

Employee EDU Example

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Included Services

  • Quarterly security educational campaigns
    Keep security in the forefront of your employees through quarterly education and awareness. Each quarter Employee EDU provides a new training course focused on a high risk security topic designed to be completed in approximately 15 to 20 minutes.
       The course is divided into four key parts:
    • Part 1: Video Education
      Videos are designed to be comprehensive, yet still understandable. Employees of every technical level will receive valuable and relatable information.
    • Part 2: Educational Game
      The term "Gamification" refers to games designed to provide entertaining while educating. Employee EDU incorporates a game into each quarter's training course. These games allow your employees to have fun while learning important security information.
    • Part 3: Written Content
      Stickley on Security is known for our comprehensive written content ranging from educational information to important security updates. This content reinforces what has been learned through both the game and video components. In addition, employees are provided awareness content regarding recent security threats, scams and social engineering tactics; allowing employees to maintain security awareness throughout the entire year.
    • Part 4: Testing
      Once an employee has completed the training process, they are then provided with a test that will help them validate the knowledge they have gained. Testing includes questions on the quarterly topic and awareness content related to recent security updates. By testing on all areas of education, management can confirm their employees are up-to-date on the latest security information.
  • Customizable Education
    Employee EDU is designed to help organizations meet their unique educational needs with an online portal that allows for the creation of completely new and unique educational courses. Besides the quarterly education, Employee EDU comes with many additional courses that your organization can choose to offer to your emlpoyees. Use these courses as is, edit them to fit your organizatoin or even create completely new courses! Courses can be added with video, text and comprehensive testing all through an easy to use online interface. If you can design it, Employee EDU can support it. Remember, while Stickley on Security focuses on security education, your education courses can be on anything!
  • Detailed Reporting
    Employee EDU was designed with management and auditors needs in mind. Reports can be generated on any course with detailed statics. In addition, the online portal allows managers the ability to filter for the specific information they desire. Education validation could not be easier.

Additional Options

  • Custom Security Education Courses
    Looking for educational courses built around your organizations policies and procedures? No problem! We can create fully customized education solutions specifically for your organization using your policies and procedures.
  • Printed Educational Materials
    Printed posters and other literature to hang in common areas is another way to make sure your employees stay aware and keep the topic in mind.
  • SWAG
    When your organization wants to go the extra mile, we have designed specific educational support materials to provide to employees to reinforce each quarterly topic. It's amazing how a note pad, pen, or mouse pad can positively reinforce almost anything.

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