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SoS Executive

Keeping Your Board Members and Executives Informed
SoS Executive benefits your board members and executives. Business executives and their board members face a never ending challenge of keeping up with the latest security threats. The SoS Executive service provides consulting and education needed to understand the current security threats as well as the solutions to address the threats.

Results from risk assessments, penetration tests, IT audits and other security assessment reports can often leave the executives with more questions than answers. SoS Executive is the first and only information security advisor designed specifically for board members and executives to help review and follow up on any IT security related audits and assessments. By receiving this important non-biased review, your executive team can feel confident in making decisions on how to move forward with the information they have received.

Sos Executive also keeps your board members and executive staff current with the latest security threats that impact their organization and can offer valuable insight into purchasing third party security solutions including help is price negotiation. With SoS executive, your management team will always have the information they need to make sound decisions to keep your organization secure.

Included Services

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  • Board Security update
    Each month SoS will provide a written summary containing all pertinent security information to help your executives and board members stay up to date with the latest security treads, IT technology and compliance related issues.
  • Board Q&A tool
    Board members and other executives often have IT security related questions. These questions range from specific concerns regarding the security of the organization to personal concerns regarding a device at home. SoS provides both a web based tool and an mobile app that allows you to quickly answer these questions. Board members can ask private questions or can make their question viewable by other board members and executives. These questions will be quickly answered online or if necessary a follow up call can be scheduled where the question can be discussed in more detail.
  • Security assessments, audits and reports analysis and opinions
    Often when reports are provided by third party auditors, the information can create more questions than answers. SoS can review the results and create a simple to understand written summary including short and long term recommendations based on the information provided. In addition, SoS will point out areas that might have been missed during the audit or review by the third party provider. This service includes the review of IT Audits, Risk Assessments, Penetration tests, Security Assessments, Application tests (both mobile and web based) and Social Engineering engagements. Other reports outside of this list can be reviewed on a case by case basis. Service includes reviewing up to 5 reports each year.
  • Security contract purchasing advisor
    IT Audits, Risk Assessments, Intrusion Prevention Solutions and other IT Security related services can range drastically in price and offerings, it is nice to have an expert in your back pocket. SoS will review contracts before signature or provide valuable information needed during negotiations to ensure that your organization is getting everything needed at the best price.
  • Yearly security updates via video conference
    Once a year Jim Stickley will meet with the board remotely via live online streaming. During this meeting Jim will discuss topics provided by the board or can provide security training regarding the latest security concerns. This meeting is based specifically on the needs of the board and can be used to discuss pending contracts, recent reports from auditors or any other IT security related matters.

Additional Options

  • Onsite and remote executive updates and consulting
    Based on your criteria, Jim Stickley will come to your location and speak to your board members and executives or conduct a remote meeting. The topic can range for education training to in depth discussions about recent reports from auditors and other IT Security needs of the board.
  • Onsite and remote customer training
    SoS will conduct onsite or remote training for your customers based on your criteria. We will speak to your customers about the latest security threats, answer audience questions and make literature available if applicable. These sessions are designed to educate both home users and small businesses about the latest security threats and what they can do to protect themselves from becoming the next victim of identity theft.

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