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SoS Advisor

Fraud Prevention Begins With Awareness
Scams, identity theft, viruses, worms and credit card fraud are happening more frequently today than ever before. Your customers are continually alarmed by these threats to their financial information and are looking for help. SoS Advisor is the first and only customer advisor solution. SoS Advisor will educate your customers about the many security risks they face and proactively keep them informed about new breaches, threats, and attacks.

SoS Advisor also provides your customers with helpful tips necessary to stay one step ahead of the identity thief. SoS Advisor is a cost effective solution that turns your website or online banking application into a comprehensive customer security advisor. Click Here to see SoS Advisor live.

With comprehsive educational videos, written articles and 60 second video "quick tips", we provide your entire customer education solution which can be embeded into your existing website with just a single line of code. SoS Advisor also supports an easy to use customization interface which allows you to customize the content provided as well as the look and feel of the content displayed.

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Reduce Fraud Through Education and Awareness
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Advisor Demonstration

The green box below is a live demonstration of SoS Advisor. This is just one of many designs and is fully customizable.

Included Services

  • Continual security updates, warnings and information
    Security related news breaks almost every day. At Stickley on Security we monitor all security related news and to create articles that you are fully licensed to use. This service provides written articles almost every day regarding updates, risks and tips automatically to your website. In addition you are licensed to use all or a portion of any of the written content provided by Stickley on Security. Use this information for customer newsletters, social media and other publishing needs.
  • Access to all SoS Videos
    The original SoS video series containing in depth information about common scams and what customers can do to protect themselves. Also included are the compreheinsive written tips and tricks related to the educational videos.
  • Access to the SoS quick tips videos
    Each video is less than 60 seconds in length and gives your customers a simple tip or warning to help protect themselves from becoming the next victim of identity theft.
  • Social Media support
    Quality content is important to any social media campaign. All content provided through SoS advisor supports Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and when articles are shared, people who click the links to read the complete articles are connected back to the web page of the website using SoS Advisor. This means that SoS Advisor can drive new viewers to your website increasing your overall website traffic and click through rate.
  • Customized news tickers
    Because it is important to keep your customers aware of security related concerns, SoS provides customized ticker capability that can be embed into any existing web page on your website including your home page. This allows for the most recent security news to automatically be shown to visitors of your website. More importantly, when visitors click on a story, they are directed to the story while remaining on your website and will never be redirected away from your website.

Additional Options

  • Unique custom security videos created specifically for your organization
    Every organization is different and your customers choose your organization for a reason. Working together with your staff, the SoS team will write and produce educational videos that cover what makes your organization special and secure. Each video will be personally performed by Jim Stickley and automatically integrated into your SoS Advisor account.
  • Custom onsite and remote customer training
    SoS will conduct onsite or remote training for your customers based on your criteria. We will speak to your customers about the latest security threats, answer audience questions and make literature available if applicable. These sessions are designed to educate both home users and small businesses about the latest security threats and what they can do to protect themselves from becoming the next victim of identity theft.

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