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Powered Cybersecurity Training

Automated Cybersecurity Education and Phishing Simulation
Powered Cybersecurity Training. (PCT) is designed to help solve the challenges small and medium-sized businesses face in attempting to deploy and manage cybersecurity education and phishing simulation. PCT is completely automated, including all reporting and notices. It.s simple to set up your users to provide your entire organization with more comprehensive cybersecurity training than 82 percent of all other American companies.

Overcoming Security Education Problems

The Domain Assure service is different from all other typo-squatting solutions available today. While most solutions are designed to simply monitor for domains that have already been purchased with similar to your organizations, we have realized that once that happens, often these domains are already actively being used for malicious purposes by the time you are made aware. For that reason, we have designed a proprietary algorithm that will look at your organizations domain(s) and then automatically acquire and lock down every domain that is commonly used for both phishing and typo-squatting attacks! Not only does this completely eliminate the ability for a cyber criminal to acquire these addresses, but also makes for a more user friendly experience for your customers as all of these locked domains will automatically re-direct your customer back to the URL of your choice.

Who has the time?

Other solutions are very labor-intensive, eating up valuable resources that are better used elsewhere. PCT provides a best-of-breed system that requires absolute minimum setup and maintenance.

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Reduce Fraud Through Education and Awareness
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Cybercrime is continually evolving

Technology is constantly changing, which means that cybercriminals are constantly adjusting their tactics to keep pace. The experts at SoS keep their collective finger on the pulse of cybercrime, ensuring that everything we issue, from monthly phishing emails to quarterly education courses, is based on the latest cybersecurity measures and countermeasures. This ensures that your cybersecurity training is never outdated and that your employees stay equipped to deal with whatever cybercrime efforts they face. Infrastructure is not a complete solution: It.s clear that firewalls, encryption, and other infrastructure measures, while important, do not offer complete protection against cybercrime. Tens of thousands of dollars. worth of cybersecurity infrastructure can be circumvented by just one employee clicking the wrong email. Various studies indicate somewhere between 70 and 90 percent of all data breaches start with a phishing email. The most effective way for businesses to combat cybercrime is to include comprehensive cybersecurity training with their technology solutions.

Most cybersecurity education is boring and outdated

PCT is designed to be interesting and engaging. But most importantly, it.s designed to provide current information. Whether a new employee starts today or a year from now, assured that they receive the most up-to-date cybersecurity training on the market.

Underestimation of very real security threats

SMBs often assume that .flying under the radar. when it comes to cybercrime. Nothing could be further from the truth. Cybercriminals often target smaller organizations knowing that the smaller the firm, the more likely they have weak cybersecurity. PCT ensures that every employee, from senior executives down to the clerical staff, is aware of the serious cyberthreats with which your organization is constantly faced. Powered Cybers ecurity Training Automated Cybers ecurity Education and Phishing Simulation

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