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Powered Cybersecurity Training

Powered Cybersecurity Training is designed to help solve the challenges small and medium-sized businesses face in attempting to deploy and manage cybersecurity education and phishing simulation. Gaining all the benefits of our flagship education solution, Employee EDU, without any of the man hours required to manage it. It takes between 5 to 10 minutes to setup and then your done. That's it! Everything from quarterly employee education to monthly phishing campaigns is done for you. Even the reports will automatically keep you informed of how your staff is doing and where they might need improvements. Your time is valuable. Sign up for a quick demo and let Stickley on Security show you how we can give you the education your employees need while allowing you to stay focused on the rest of the business.


Everything listed below is what comes with our flagship product, Employee EDU. What makes our Powered Cybersecurity Training different is that we will be managing everything for you automatically! You are welcome to read about some of the cool things we do but you would be far better off signing up for a demo so you can see just how innovative our Powered Cybersecurity Training solution really is.

  • Full LMS Support
    Stickley on Security provides a robust education portal to support your entire organizations cyber security education needs. However, we realize in some cases your organization may already have an LMS and want to continue to use that system. That's why Employee EDU courses have been designed to be completely SCORM V1 and V2 compatible and can be easily installed into your existing LMS!
  • Customizable Education
    Employee EDU is designed to help organizations meet their unique educational needs with an online portal that allows for the creation of completely new and unique educational courses. Employee EDU comes with a large number of courses that your organization can choose to offer to your emlpoyees. Use these courses as is, edit them to fit your organizatoin or even create completely new courses! Courses can be added with video, text and comprehensive testing all through an easy to use online interface. If you can design it, Employee EDU can support it. Remember, while Stickley on Security focuses on security education, your education courses can be on anything!
  • Quarterly security educational campaigns
    Keep security in the forefront of your employees through quarterly education and awareness. Each quarter Employee EDU provides a new training course focused on a high risk security topic designed to be completed in approximately 15 to 20 minutes.
    The course is divided into four key parts:
    • Part 1: Video Education
      Videos are designed to be comprehensive, yet still understandable. Employees of every technical level will receive valuable and relatable information.
    • Part 2: Written Content
      Stickley on Security is known for our comprehensive written content ranging from educational information to important security updates. This content reinforces what has been learned through both the game and video components. In addition, employees are provided awareness content regarding recent security threats, scams and social engineering tactics; allowing employees to maintain security awareness throughout the entire year.
    • Part 3: Video Review
      To ensure your employees get the most out of every quarterly education course, a "Top Five" video is provided to help ensure your employees remember the top five most important points from the course. This extra step reinforces the learning process and gives employees clear guidance on the most important take-aways from the course.
    • Part 4: Testing
      Once an employee has completed the training process, they are then provided with a test that will help them validate the knowledge they have gained. Testing includes questions on the quarterly topic and awareness content related to recent security updates. By testing on all areas of education, management can confirm their employees are up-to-date on the latest security information.
  • Complimentary Phishing Simulation
    Employee phishing testing should be part of any comprehensive cyber security education program. And while phishing is just one small component, it is still extremely important. We understand this need and that's why for organization that don't already have a phishing solution, we provide BadPhish, Stickley on Security's next generation phishing simulation solution, at no additional charge!
  • Comprehensive Reporting
    Employee EDU was designed with management and auditors needs in mind. Reports can be generated on any course with detailed statics. In addition, the online portal allows managers the ability to filter for the specific information they desire. Education validation could not be easier.
  • Automate Everything!
    Everything listed above is based on our Employee EDU solution but with our Powered Cybersecurity Training, we eliminate the need for you do manage the solution. Instead we have automated everything. That means that instead of you needing to login and assign courses, we do it. Instead of you need to log in and assign phishing tests, we do it. That means instead of you having to generate reports, we do it. Basically, we want you to spend your time doing what is needed to grow your business and we will take care of keeping your employees educated.


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