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Domain Assure

Spear Phishing and Typosquatting Defense
Your domain is an essential part of your brand. However, criminals will often hijack your brand for malicious purposes. One common form of attack is through copy-cat domain names which are designed to trick people into thinking they are visiting your website. For example, if your domain name has the letter O in it, a criminal may purchase the exact same domain name but instead of using the letter O they will use the number 0. When looking at the domain name, they will look almost the same but when clicked on, the malicious domain can be used to steal personal / confidential information. With this new domain, a criminal can send emails to your customers pretending to be your organization. This type of attack is known is Spear Phishing.

In addition, criminals have also realized that simple typos can be used to their advantage. For example, a customer attempting to browse to your website will type in your domain name. However, they accidentally mistype a single character, maybe pressing the letter Y instead of the letter T because they are next to each other on the keyboard. Well, criminals are now purchasing these mistyped domain names simply to wait to unsuspecting victims. This type of attack is known Typo-Squatting and most mid-size or larger organizations are already victim and often don't even know it. This is because there can be literally hundreds of domains that can be purchased that are just a single character off.

What Domain Assure Can Do

The Domain Assure service is different from all other typo-squatting solutions available today. While most solutions are designed to simply monitor for domains that have already been purchased with similar to your organizations, we have realized that once that happens, often these domains are already actively being used for malicious purposes by the time you are made aware. For that reason, we have designed a proprietary algorithm that will look at your organizations domain(s) and then automatically acquire and lock down every domain that is commonly used for both phishing and typo-squatting attacks! Not only does this completely eliminate the ability for a cyber criminal to acquire these addresses, but also makes for a more user friendly experience for your customers as all of these locked domains will automatically re-direct your customer back to the URL of your choice.

In most cases for each domain your organization owns, Domain Assure will acquire between one hundred and four hundred unique domains that could be used against your organization! For this reason, it is easy to see the enormous security benefits that Domain Assure provides. And with a 5 minute setup time, your organization domain can go from at risk to secured with no more than a couple minutes of your time!

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Domain Assure Features

  • Secure look like and typo domains & forward them to desired domain
    Manage all of your domains through our secure cloud based portal with the ability to quickly change the re-direct for each secured similar domain.
  • Monitor and provide security reports for potential threats
    View a list of all domains that have been secured through the Domain Assure service. In addition, you will receive notices about domains that could be a potential threat to your organization that have already been purchased by other individuals.
  • Continually attempt to secure monitored domains owned by other organization
    If a potentially malicious domain is already owned, Domain Assure will continue daily to attempt to acquire the domain. In many cases, a cyber criminal will not renew a domain they have already attacked, leaving it to be acquired by Domain Assure in the future.
  • Multiple domains can be protected with a single service fee
    Domain Assure is a yearly service with a single yearly service fee. This single fee covers the management of one or more domains. Each domain secured requires an acquisition fee that is based directly on the number of domains needed related to the organization domain name. The exact fee per domain is calculated before purchase so you have know the total fee for budgeting purposes.

For more information, please call 1-800-640-6746 or submit your contact information on our Contact Us page.

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