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Consumer Automated Security Center     (Watch Now)
Educating the public on cybersecurity safety or just providing some awareness of their cyber-surroundings can be a challenge. To this end, our automated security center, Advisor, provides daily content on fraud, all types of scams and security education in a way that is very approachable to all readers. We post fresh content continually to better engage the reader and to avoid trying to educate with a few security blurbs on a static page. If this is you, dont feel bad. Its not easy maintaining content that educates and informs readers on the latest scams and do your job. Forget about it...

We also have a newsletter branded to your company that drives engagement dramatically. This changes passive information to proactive. Reaching out with helpful information focused solely on the reader, is a powerful relationship and trust builder.

Advisor is responsive, mobile ready, and placed on your website with an iframe, exactly like a YouTube player. Steps to launch are simple: select what version best fits your website, customize the colors and font, place the code on your site. Thats it.

We are going to have a quick 30-minute webinar to show the service so you can see just how simple the service is to launch on your site. I very much hope you can join. 

Please feel free to reach out early for customer examples and/or pricing information.
Oct 12, 2023
Website Spoofing Protection     (Watch Now)
Spoofing websites has become a mainstream tactic for cybercriminals. Why not, it takes only a few minutes to buy a lookalike domain, copy the target website code, launch the site and crank out a sweet phishing email or Google Ad. Account takeovers, ecommerce scams and malware downloads are the most common types of malicious activity, but no matter what happens, your brand is damaged.

In this webinar, you will learn:
1. How Domain Assure can proactively find and takedown spoofed websites
2. How the Domain Assure beacon finds the random URLs used in text scams
3. How lookalike domains are used in phishing attacks, and the prevention
Aug 17, 2023
A New Way Forward For Remote Work     (Watch Now)
A deep dive into the next generation of technology to enable secure remote work. If you have been burnt by VDI, Secure WorkRemote is your ice pack. It can be deployed in just a few days, doesnt need a hardware or network investment, and puts your employees into a Zero Trust architecture immediately.

Light up a few users as a POC. Seeing is believing.

Key Concepts & What to expect:
1. Significantly improve end user experience when compared to traditional VDI (Citrix, VMware Horizon, etc.) 
2. Zero Trust architecture by default 
3. Automated management and support workflows 
4. No upfront infrastructure purchases and pay for what you use. 
5. No minimums and fast implementation (typically 1-2 business days). 

Aug 10, 2023
Mind The Gap: Evaluate your cyber insurance gap     (Watch Now)
Do you keep track of your network insurance compliance after you’ve filed for cyber insurance? The cyber posture of most businesses is in a constant state of flux. Agile development pushes new deployments which introduce new cyber risk. Yearly, quarterly, or even monthly risk assessments are inadequate to assess the cyber posture for insurance purposes. A change in posture could impact cyber coverage. Are you at risk?

In this webinar, we will explore the following questions.

1. Would you qualify for cyber insurance?
2. Would your cyber claim get paid covering 100% of your loss?
3. Do you know if you’ve drifted from your cyber insurance application?
Aug 9, 2023
Penetration Testing…why pay humans to do what a machine can do better?     (Watch Now)
Most organizations know the value of penetration testing to meet compliance requirements and determine which vulnerabilities can actually lead to a security breach. But, penetration testing is too often a one-time, annual test performed by high cost consulting firms. 

What if you could access a platform that delivers a fully automated, full-blown penetration test, whenever you need it, however often you need it? Even better, what if it was less than the cost of a typical manual penetration test? 

Join us to learn how automation can deliver a better penetration test:
1. It’s more efficient
2. It’s more thorough
3. It meets compliance requirements
4. You can test more often
5. And, it’s a fraction of the cost of a traditional engagement

Aug 7, 2023
Securing Data In Motion - Continual IT Risk Assessment     (Watch Now)
Is your company properly securing customer data? How can you be sure? A core tenant of cybersecurity for every firm is to protect the customer, and this includes ensuring their information is safe especially for data in motion where it is the most vulnerable.

In this webinar you will see how Dragonfly Cyber can give you a real-time IT risk assessment with visibility into your entire infrastructure. You will learn how you can secure customer data and protect against vulnerabilities:

Key Points:
1. How to identify customer data-in-motion that is unencrypted.
2. How to find services that are using obsolete encryption.
3. How to locate databases, storing customer data, and determine if they are secure.
4. How to discover what third party vendors are operating on your network. How to determine if you are a victim of a supply chain attack.
Aug 1, 2023

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