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Stickley on Security WorkRemote

WorkRemote is an easy way for your employees to take their work with them everywhere they go. Employees can access the same files with the same amount of horsepower from home as if they were in the office. WorkRemote, powered by Vega, uses AWS infrastructure like EC2, Workspaces, S3, Active Directory, and others to enable a fully functional custom desktop for remote workers. You employee can retrieve everything they need by simply logging into the workstation from a link on the Portal. Contact Us today to get more information and find out how SoS WorkRemote can protect you, your employees and your organization!


Unlike traditional methodologies from both an education perspective and technology deployment perspective, Stickley on Security WorkRemote combines practical education and technology to provide a next-generation cybersecurity solution. In addition to a modern and practical approach to employee education, Stickley on Security WorkRemote ensures no corporate data resides at the remote location, no corporate data transported, no individual VPN required, and only encrypted pixels are transmitted.

  • Security
        Workstations are set on a schedule
        No external drive mapping allowed
        Remote document copying is disabled
  • Reliability
        User workstations are hosted in secure facilities
        Workstations & shared drives backed up daily
  • Performance
        Workstations are quad core CPUs with 16GBs of RAM & 50GBs of user storage     Active Directory integrated
        VPN connection to customers data center included

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