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Domain Assure

What Is The Risk?

Competitors and Criminals purchase domains that either look like your company domains or they purchase domains that are just one mistyped character away from your domain. They then use these domains to target or attack your customers and your employees.
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What's The Solution?

Domain Assure Detect and Domain Assure Prevent from Stickley on Security provides options to lock down and or monitor the hundreds of domains related to your company that are most commonly used for Domain spoofing attacks. Those locked domains are then automatically redirected to your website. Because if a criminal can't purchase these domains, they won't be able to use them against you.  
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The Details

Domain Assure Detect and Domain Assure Prevent stop the criminals and competitors from using domains that are similar to yours. However, it does far more than that. The list below will give you an idea of some of its capabilities but to really understand the value, sign up to see a quick demo today!

  • Acquire look alike and typo domains & forward them to desired domain
    Manage all of your domains through our secure cloud based portal with the ability to quickly change the re-direct for each secured similar domain.
  • Monitor and provide security reports for potential threats
    View a list of all domains that have been secured through the Domain Assure service. In addition, you will receive notices about domains that could be a potential threat to your organization that have already been purchased by other individuals.
  • Continually attempt to secure monitored domains owned by other organization
    If a potentially malicious domain is already owned, Domain Assure will continue daily to attempt to acquire the domain. In many cases, a cybercriminal will not renew a domain they have already attacked, leaving it to be acquired by Domain Assure in the future.
  • Similar domain monitoring
    Monitor all reported domain names ever purchased on the internet that include your domain name in them. For example, if your domain is, you would be notified and Domain Assure would log if the domain or was purchased. This allows your organization to spot potential spear phishing domains before they may even have a chance to go live.
  • Malicious Domain Take Down
    In the event a malicious domain is discovered, Stickley on Security will work with your organization to shut the malicious website down.
  • Detailed reporting
    Generate reports for management and regulators, tracking your current risks and resolutions.


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