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What we do

Stickley on Security was founded in 2007 with a plan to provide organizations with meaningful education and awareness solutions that employees and customers would actually embrace. As our founder Jim Stickley points out, it is simple to offer a training course but far more difficult to actually educate the participants. Our goal is to ensure that your customers and employees not only learn about cybersecurity risks, but that they can apply what they learn into their everyday lives and jobs.

SoS Solutions

Explore our solutions designed to exceed your cybersecurity education & awareness requirements.

Powered Cybersecurity Training

Powered Cybersecurity Training. (PCT) is designed to help solve the challenges small and medium-sized businesses face in attempting to deploy and manage cybersecurity education and phishing simulation.

SoS Advisor

SoS Advisor was designed to address the customer security education and awareness needs of your organization. We understand that the security threats your customers face change daily. That's why SoS provides new content everyday specifically written for your customers.

Domain Assure

Spoofed domains lead to employee and customer compromise. Domain Assure Detect and Domain Assure Prevent are two solutions designed to maintain your organizations online integrity and reduce spear-phishing, typosquatting and other online attacks.


Some of the biggest cyber security breaches in US history have started with a malicious email received by an unsuspecting employee. Using his past 25 years of experience breaking into organizations, Stickley has created BadPhish, the definitive next generation phishing simulator and education solution.

Employee EDU

Potential new threats against your organization emerge daily. Employee EDU is designed to ensure your staff is prepared. Through our security education and awareness solutions your staff will not only be trained about important security topics but also be made aware and tested on the latest security threats.

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SoS WorkRemote

Stickley on Security WorkRemote combines practical education and technology to provide a next-generation remote employee cybersecurity solution. Stickley on Security WorkRemote ensures no corporate data resides at the remote location, no corporate data transported, no individual VPN required, and only encrypted pixels are transmitted.

Board Meeting Cybersecurity Updates

Jim Stickley speaks at hundreds of board meetings nationwide on cybersecurity related topics and can now speak to your board as well. When Stickley speaks to your board, his goal is to keep them aware of the many cybersecurity threats that your organization faces as well as keep them up to date on the latest cybersecurity regulations. Ultimately Stickley gives your board members the critical information they need to make cybersecurity related decisions.

Executive / Board Consulting

Business executives and their board members face a never-ending challenge of keeping up with the latest cybersecurity security threats. With all of the audits and reports, security budget requests and regulatory requirements, our cyber security experts can help you make sense of it all.


Latest Cybersecurity News

61% Of Businesses Infected With Ransomware; Beyond Paying The Ransom

A report by Mimecast finds 61% of organizations fell victim to ransomware in 2020. That translates to six out of 10 businesses being attacked last year. It's an increase of 10% over the previous year as reported by Sophos. Not only are the number of ransomware attacks increasing, but the costs associated with them are growing as well. As a result of the pandemic, quick adjustments to employees working from home led to unsecured systems, helping give bad actors a cornucopia of hacks to choose from.

REvil Attacks Nuclear Weapons Contractor; Is Sensitive Data Safe?

Keeping track of the seemingly non-stop cyberattacks on enterprise isn’t easy. But out of the many, some stand out from the rest and this latest attack by REvil ransomware threat group is surely one of them. A Department of Energy (DOE) subcontractor, Sol Oriens, hired to work with nuclear weapons for the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) experienced a REvil attack, the extent of which is still under investigation. Some of the data included payroll records, employee names, and some SSN.

Ransomware's Global Price Tag To Hit $20B By End Of 2021

Ransomware, a type of malware that can literally end the future of a business, has been growing strong and improving year after year. Data from Cybersecurity Ventures shows the global financial cost of ransomware in 2021 will reach $20 billion. The estimated frequency of these attacks is expected to reach every 11 seconds by 2021, up from one every two minutes in 2016.Ransomware is expected to worsen and make up even larger shares of cybercrime by next year.


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