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Your Return on Investment

Save money while providing more!
Calculating a return on investment can often be a difficult process. That said, we have found some things just speak for themselves. The calculator provided on this page was designed to show what it would cost your financial institution to maintain just a portion of the SoS Advisor solution. While your customers have access to all the educational and quick tip videos, we just thought it would be interesting to show the costs your financial institution would face maintaining it's own written content.

We also know that most people assume any calculations are padded to make the numbers look higher than they really should be. That's why we went the opposite way. In this calculator we allow you to set the salary of your employee that would be maintaining your awareness program. We then set the total time to research, write and publish each article at only 2 hours which is actually far less time than it takes Stickley on Security. Then assuming at least one new article per day which is less than our average, the calculator can show you what it would cost your financial institution to maintain the awareness program yourself.

Remember, this ROI excludes all video and quiz content which would dramatically increase expenses. This calculator is focused solely on the written content to highlight the savings any financial institution desiring to dynamically educate its customers would receive.
SoS Return on Investment Calculator

Calculate the return on your SoS investment by entering in the salary of the employee who is responsible for writing the content for your member education.

Approximate yearly salary of employee

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Hourly Salary: 
Articles per week: 
Creation time per article: 

Total cost per year: 

This amount represents what it would cost if your organization attempted to maintain the SoS articles internally. In addition, your organization would also be required to cover expenses for creating videos and quizzes.
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